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  • Explosive Button

    A button that pop when you click on it! Adapted creation from Codepen by Nour Abusoud : https://codepen.io/nourabusoud/pen/ypZzMM

     – Slals
  • Slide Top Banner

    Really basic banner. You won't need that.

     – Slals
  • Nav bar arianne

    Cool nav bar

     – Slals
  • Filling switch

    This switch fills in when turning ON and OFF! Adapted pen from Irem Lopsum https://codepen.io/iremlopsum/pen/NXQjZo

     – Slals
  • Flickr gallery

    Allows to display an image gallery present on Flickr.

     – Ench
  • Timeline

    Simple timeline for roadmap display

     – Slals
  • Text show

    Simple and cool text display! It's great for displaying some update messages for visitors.

     – Slals
  • Painted Spinner

    Painted spinner yay! Adapted from CodePen creation https://codepen.io/Mattykins/pen/wfJqk

     – Slals
  • Cardous

    Card with a animated overlay on mouse over and link to a URL when clicked on it.

     – Slals
  • Simple MailChimp form

    Simple form using MailChimp API.

     – Slals
  • Doors!

    Door, door, door, a door, and another door. Adapted from Pen by Adam Kuhn https://codepen.io/cobra_winfrey/pen/PQNjKw

     – Slals
  • Menu icons

    Displays a menu with icons, legends on hovering.

     – Ench
  • Text resizer

    Resize text on a website with a single button.

     – Ench